Project Log A3

Chronicling the process of ‘Finding God’ has been full of honest conversations for me. Conversations around why, who and where. Why did you choose the particular church you are in? Who first introduced you this way of belief and worship? Where do you worship?

Many people have thought about these questions, but not seriously, because as any Christian knows, we are taught to banish any such thoughts else they make doubts spring up.

I have found that most people agree, after they have thought about it that they have their misgivings about their current place of worship, but when they weigh them against the benefits, they are always willing to stay.

I feel like this search is one that never ends, that the search is in itself an act of worship, as there are no absolutes. No final answers, no aha! moments in this search, at least not for me yet.

*********************** End of Project Log A3 *************************

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