Sneakers series: EP 1 – Nike ZOOMX Vaporfly NEXT%

Is it possible to make a shoe that will make you run faster? Nike thinks it is. So in 2016, they released the Nike Vaporfly 4%.

This is what they look like.

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Wana Udobang keeps hope alive in her new album

I heard Wana Udobang perform ‘The Banquet’ at the Ake Arts and Book Festival of 2015, using the preparation of a feast as metaphor for the many lessons life teaches us, she kept the audience spellbound. I watched as she swiveled on stage, pouring her soul into the performance, her husky voice washing over the audience.

Wana is perhaps the only poet I know who sheds real tears while performing her own poems. She believes in immersing oneself in art, whether you are consuming or producing. With her, it is go deep or go home.

By the time of the release of her album ‘In Memory of Forgetting’, I already knew most of the poems in it, as I had heard her perform them on several stages, including the Lagos International Poetry Festival in 2016 and could recite many of the lines by heart. Still, I was close to tears when I listened to the second poem titled ‘Untitled’.

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I learned how to walk twice

I learned how to walk twice.

First, as a baby – arms swinging like they had a life of their own. Feet tripping over a brown rug bunched up in corners, hips, swinging to the sound of a song only I could hear. My parents’ smiles, a tick in the right box, validation as firm as a hand on the small of my tiny back. I walked through our sitting room and picked up a certain lightness of feet, let it caress my soles and loved every part of it. On the school playground, I picked up a carefulness to where you step. Learned that playgrounds sometimes have jagged edges masked by the softness of sand. That cute little boys can sometimes be cruel enough to draw blood and tears and a certain roughness out of skin. Yet, there is a carefreeness to childhood that survives playground battles.

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