‘Where I come from’ video release

Hello guys,

The last thing I wrote on my website (still feels good to call it that) was this: http://chikajones.com/2018/01/31/untitled/.  That was in January 2018. More than 8 months later, I have a new video up on my YouTube page. I wrote this poem a long time ago, it was inspired by Inua Ellam’s first poem from his show ’14th Tale’, the poem begins thus – ‘I come from a long line of troublemakers’. One of my favorite poets Titilope Sonuga also has a poem speaking about where she comes from. I am not sure exactly when I wrote this poem, but I first performed it at a book launch in February 2016, then at Tunde Leye’s book launch later in September 2016. Early 2017, Alex reached out to me and said he would like to make a video of the poem. We climbed the bridge opposite the Maryland mall, bribed area boys opposite the Methodist church at CMS, but a crashed hard drive stopped us. In 2018, we tried again and many months later, we have something.

As always I would like your feedback on this.

There were no gods in Paris last night

How many more bodies?

How much more blood?

How much more tears, can we drink?

                                                                                     How much more flesh, can we eat?

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I learned how to walk twice

I learned how to walk twice.

First, as a baby – arms swinging like they had a life of their own. Feet tripping over a brown rug bunched up in corners, hips, swinging to the sound of a song only I could hear. My parents’ smiles, a tick in the right box, validation as firm as a hand on the small of my tiny back. I walked through our sitting room and picked up a certain lightness of feet, let it caress my soles and loved every part of it. On the school playground, I picked up a carefulness to where you step. Learned that playgrounds sometimes have jagged edges masked by the softness of sand. That cute little boys can sometimes be cruel enough to draw blood and tears and a certain roughness out of skin. Yet, there is a carefreeness to childhood that survives playground battles.

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Revolutionary verses – A review of Ndukwe Onuoha’s poetry album

Ndukwe Onuoha is a poet and spoken word artist who draws his inspiration from human stories and everyday life. Some of the more memorable lines you will hear him perform are:

Change may come some day,

Change may come some way,

But that day is not today.

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