What I am not

I am not your project,

I am not salve for your guilty heart,

I am not your salvation,

I am not your saviour,

I am not responsible for the burden you carry,

I am not your God,

Your God is not mine,

I am not tread softly,

I am not blow gently,

I am not your placebo,

I am not one of you,

I do not increase your numbers,

I am not your nightmare,

I will be fine,

This thing you say is broken,

Is a crack, through which light will shine,

I am full to bursting, groaning at the seams,

So i need you to leave,

We are not kindred souls and when i come apart at the seams,

I will rip you to shreds,

I refuse to be the cause of your pain,

Refuse to heal you again and again,

So i am setting you free,

I know it is okay, to tear entire empires apart and rebuild from scratch,

I know what to do with the pain,

I know where the tears go,

Which holes sleepless nights fill,

I know, by God, i know what to do with pain,

But you don’t, and for that i am sorry,

But i refuse to be salve

I refuse to be your salvation.

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