Amateur Digital marketing 101 – Project B

I manage social media for a couple of brands. I studied Mechanical Engineering, so Social Media strategy and management is something i learned on the job.

I figured i would continue to bluff my way through, take home, a paycheck every month and let it go at that. Until i fell in love with these two brands: @Bookhubng and @Findjobng. I love great ideas and these two are some of the best i have seen, on the plus side they both have the power to change lives.

When you love something you want to see it grow, and so i began to spend time on helping these two brands grow. For now, all they have are Twitter accounts and growth mean one thing: A large following.

Sometime early in January 2017, i got a job offer for Digital marketing, i could have taken it and bluffed my way through, but i decided to make a plan: I would learn the ropes of Digital marketing, specifically growth and i would use @Bookhubng and @Findjobng twitter accounts as my guinea pigs.

I reached out to Justin, and he recommended, a community of digital marketers dedicated to growth.

I will be dropping thoughts on what i have learned, strategies i have tried out and results i have experienced as part of this second project.

The goal is 6,000 followers each by April 2017. Stay with me, we will get there.

PS: If you have suggestions, please drop them, i am a rookie willing to learn.

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