Let it all happen to you

Do not be afraid of pain,

There is a reason you were built like a house,

This body has a foundation,

It has doors, there are windows in your eyes,

Curtains behind your ears,

Steel rods jammed into your spine,

your clay hands are for warding off windstorms,

You are built to withstand hurricanes,

So, my dear, do not be afraid of pain,

You are not a flimsy leaf,

you are not a foundering boat,

Your legs are pillars,

so let the wind come, let it roar,

let it stir up the dust,

let it even make your eyes water,

But when it is past, you will remain standing,

I am not asking you, I am telling you,

You are not the type to crumble,

You are the type to shake and stand,

So do not be afraid of pain,

Let uncertainty not flutter your windows,

When all the houses on the street shut their doors,

And turn their backs, even if its zero degrees and a blinding rain is sweeping your convictions aside,

Remember that you are a home onto yourself,

so stand, plant yourself like a rock and let the pain come,

Cry if you must, bend, fold into yourself,

You will not break, for you are not made of brittle things.

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