Loving and leaving


The night she falls in love with you,

she will tell you that your arms feel like steel,

that your shoulders feel like twin rocks,

and that your hands were carved from boulders,

Nights after, she dashed herself agaisnt your chest,

and came in waves.

But metaphors are easy, pick a name,

pick a thing, add a like,

and you have something,

what is hard, is love,

is staying, is holding on to something,

that you once thought was forever,

so tonight,

Six years after that first night,

you are seated on the sands of a beach,

watching your arms as they hang uselessly at both sides,

not steel enough to hold on to a dying love,

Your chest heaves and crumbles,

nothing like a rock,

and when you realize your hands are not boulders,

love flows away with the receding tide.

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