Tram 83

So, I was reading Fiston Mujila’s Tram 83,

And a line caught my eye on page thirty-three,

That’s a lie I wanted that line to rhyme,

It was actually on page fourteen,

Yet unlike my fake rhyme that chimes like a wedding bell in a cemetery,

That line was truer than the joy a loner finds in solitary,

You are probably wondering what the line was,

So, I will tell you before I drop rhymes that are far worse,

The line was this: “They were two life forms adrift in a city that had become a state by the force of Kalashnikovs”,

That line was so sharp it caught my eye like a shiny new razor,

So, I bled onto that fourteenth page,

Like I am bleeding onto this stage,

For Nigeria is about 300 tribes held together by the force of guns,

By the blood of women and little children,

If you have noticed I have stopped rhyming,

Because nothing rhymes with October 7, except 1967,

Asaba Massacre,

Seven hundred women and children led like cattle into Ogbe Osawa,

Till this day many do not know where their loved ones were buried,

And this reminds me of a line from Prison Break, when Theodore T-bag Bagwell,

Held a knife to the throat of a mother while her two children looked on,

And this is what he said,

“We are going to be a family, even if it kills us”

So, let me introduce more numbers,

The government held a knife to the throat of a tribe,

For one year, six months, one week and two days,

And this is what they said, “We are going to be a country, even if it kills us”

And it did, we are still bleeding, look where you sit,

There is blood under your feet,

Yet, what happens to a country held together by the force of guns?

I am not sure, but it rhymes with burns,

For states, should only become countries to the sound of millions raised in unity,

Not to the sound of bullets lodging themselves in the frail frames of a nine year old,

So, I just came to tell you about a book I read,

About how I bled,

And about how even if it does not rhyme,

If you look where you seat,

You will see that there is blood under your feet.

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  1. U’re doing amazing with ur words bro…. Don’t stop, u inspire and one day the whole world will recognize the truth and awareness u create. Godbless your mind!!!

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