Project Log A1

I lost faith sometime in 2014. It begins slowly this erosion of some things you used to believe in. Yet i held on, for i believed that if i tried enough, maybe i could strengthen my faith once again.

By Mid-2016, it was all gone, i still went to meeting, but i couldn’t preach (i.e going from door to door anymore). In the post explaining this project i write about why and how i intend to go about finding faith or God or both.

This is my first project log.

It is January 1, 2017, and with the usual zeal that comes from making a New Year resolution, i opened Genesis chapter 1.

These were the thoughts i saved in a gmail draft:

Genesis chapter 1 verse 1: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The utter confidence in that voice never ceases to amaze me. It brooks no doubt, leaves room for no questions.

Genesis 1:4: After that God saw that the light was good and God began to divide the light from the darkness.
But what is light? What is darkness? Does this mean God has eyes that work like that of humans? Or is this figurative, and if it is, does it mean that bad existed with God? There is no verse about God creating darkness. 
Genesis 1:7 and 8 implies that there is water in heaven. What though is heaven? The skies? Space? Some place beyond the millions of Galaxies?
There is something magical about the creation story according to Genesis. Let the waters be collected in one place, let dry land appear, let trees and fruits come out of the dry ground. As one reads, one can picture the sequence of event, cartoonlike almost.
Jehovah’s witnesses believe the days are not mere 24-hour days, that they are time periods of indiscernible lengths. This based on the fact that the idea of God creating the universe in 6 24-hour days is mind-boggling, to their human minds. Which is strange, since it is all mind-boggling that every specie of trees on earth, appeared out of the ground.
Creation is mind-boggling. IN every aspect.
I find it interesting that Genesis 1:16,17 shows clearly that the Sun is bigger than the moon, and scientists tend to agree.
In verse 26 of Genesis Chapter 1, someone or a group of people are introduced, when God says: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness” Likeness there suggests that God and whoever he was speaking to is a man, or looks like a man at the very least.
Rest? Was God tired? Or does the word rest mean he stopped? Resting is repeated in Genesis 2:3 and it clearly suggests the former. 
Genesis 3:19 suggests that only women will have a longing for companionship from the opposite sex, it seems to portray our reality, seems to, because while it is true, it can also be said that it is due to years of conditioning and it is certainly no absolute. So is God right sometimes?
Is the tree of life, still where it is? What happened to the Garden of Eden?
                                  ***********End of Project log A1*************

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