Project log B1

First project log on digital marketing. See why i started a digital marketing project here.

I have learned and i am still learning patience. Growing Twitter followers takes patience, a quick response to trending topics and some wit.

Funny tweets top the list of the best tools to use. You have to be funny. Almost other niches are covered. So just be funny, you can hardly teach something new, too many people to beat to that. But funny? Funny sells.

My best tweet for January on Bookhubng, funny enough was about a sad event. Yet, it taught the importance of quickly responding to breaking news. The tweet on Buchi Emecheta’s death had 20.5k impressions, 257 retweets, 115 likes and 7 replies.

It is difficult to replicate that kind of success, but turning on notifications for the breaking news handles is a definite next step.

For February so far, the best tweet is a funny one, the fact that it is enlightening also helps and searching for relevant information that can be put wittily is a way to replicate that success.

So i will be doing a lot more digging going forward.

Consistency is one thing i have learned from Findjobng, nothing else as special.

                    ****************End of Project log B1******************

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