Project Log A2

Fitting that this second project log is coming on a Sunday. You can check out the previous log here.

On August 13, 2016, Marques Houston became a Jehovah’s Witness. Around that same time i had lost interest in being one.

In February 2017,  i started reading Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, recommended by a friend. I think it was just what i needed, i am careful however to be too optimistic, good writing always makes me feel this way.

However, it moved me so much, that i have decided to return to the church i grew up in. This in no way means that i have no misgivings, yet borrowing from one of Lewis’ analogies, it looks like being a Jehovah’s witness is the only room in the house of Christianity, whose teachings i can abide by.

You see belief and religion is really about the safest bet. There is no absolute certainty at least for me. Is there a God? Most likely. Creation or evolution? Creation makes far more sense. And so on.

Down to the technicalities, being a Jehovah’s witness is a far more immersive experience. I have let my hair grow out, i have to tame it. Since i cannot put on a pair of jeans and a polo, i have to search for some appropriate clothes, i have to make a schedule for preaching once or twice a week. These are some things i have to work out.

Whether this true faith or kind of cynicism is one aspect i am yet to analyse. Overthink these things and you will never get anywhere. So yes, next week i will resume church. Hopefully.

*************** End of Project Log A2 ***************

2 thoughts on “Project Log A2”

  1. The end goal of over thinking is cynicism in your choice, that you’ve made the wrong decision or there’s no right decision.
    Commented because lately I’ve decided to go with the flow and not overthink things. Nice to see well timed pieces.

    1. You might be right. Thanks for reading. I am coming to the same realization myself, i do however fear the other extreme of not thinking.

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