When i read poetry (For lack of a better title)

When I read poetry,

Ideas, phrases and words cling to me like burrs,

It feels like wading through tall grass,

I am left heavy,

The next ten poems I write will have something I picked up in them,

like pain or joy or a phrase that feels just like heartbreak.

Life is very much the same,

We wade through people like a sea of tall grass,

collect feelings,  hurts,  lessons and disappointments along the way.

Our lives become a mosaic of the lips we have kissed,

The people we have loved, the pain we have felt,

and when we open our mouths to speak,

Ghosts of dead conversations emerge…

‘I love you so much it hurts’, is the dusty skeleton of a phrase from two years ago,

When you thought you couldn’t do without her,

When you say it now, it rattles in your chest like a dry cough,

‘Just do what you think is right, everyone will be fine’ has been resurrected hundreds of time,

Since your father first used it as an explanation for leaving home,

Every time you say it now, you remember how he stepped on the words like a life boat,

Left you and your mother on a sinking ship,

You remember how she clawed her way to the top to stay above water,

Every time you hear that sentence it feels like you are drowning again.


Note: This poem is incomplete, like all poems are, but especially because i want to use the full version in my collection. I will be talking more about the collection in the coming weeks. Thank you.

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