Project Log A4

I did not go to church today. Why? Because i had prepped my mind not to since Friday, or even before then. So i did not pick my clothes from the dry cleaner and did not arrange any alternatives.

Last week i wrote a horrible, short essay on the conversations i have had around Christianity. Today i was too tired to go.

Yet, it’s not about clothes or being tired, it’s really about motivation and the lack of it. I wanted to go, but lacked the motivation it takes to put forth the necessary effort.

Faith is similar. I want to have it, it is what i have been searching for all year, but i lack the motivation to build it. Jehovah’s Witnesses like most Christians believe you can build faith via bible study, close contact with fellow worshipers, prayer too.

What nobody realizes that these things require motivation. They require a ‘why’. So before you find faith, you need to find that motivation, to know why you need faith.

I work my ass off because i realize the importance of financial security. I have seen people die because they lacked the finance for proper healthcare. Seen them live miserable lives, because no money.

I was going to write that i had not seen anyone die because they did not worship in a particular place and yes that is true. Yet, i cannot deny that i have seen what leaving a life devoid of meaning and purpose can do to even the most wealthy.

The problem is something else gives me that meaning and purpose at least for now.

********************** End of Project Log A4 ************************

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