Project Log B2

A huge gap between Log B1 and B2. It’s been a busy year so far. You can catch up on B1 here.

So first a status update: For BookhubAfrica, followers have risen to: 2,084, while for Findjobng, followers have risen to 927.

One thing i have learned from both is this, while the number of followers matter, the engagements matter more in the final analytics. Also, regular posting matters, because while those moments of brilliance can spike your monthly impressions, regular programming keep it on a steady incline, which is good for optics.

That’s for twitter.

On Facebook, BookhubAfrica is doing quite poorly. Somehow, i haven’t been able to hack the growth. So i decided to do something radical by my standards. I opened a Facebook profile for BookhubAfrica, since the page seems not to be working and the bottom line is converting to website traffic.

Had a little trouble setting up, because the code detected that ‘Bookhub Africa’ is not a regular human name, but it eventually fell for ‘Bookhub Hub’. Been sending friend requests out, receiving some and engaging already with people.

150 friends in two days is a good start. I will give it some days to gather momentum, before i start directing traffic to the website. With 4 million ranking on Alexa worldwide and no stats in Nigeria, there remains a lot of work to do.

Any suggestions you might have are welcome.

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