If i was dying, would you give me blood? – Project Log A5

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So here we go:

Growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness, i was trained to anticipate questions and defend our beliefs. I say ‘our’ because ‘my’ sits too heavy on the tongue, these days.

I was preaching one day, when a man who was visibly angry, said to me and my preaching partner, “You know why i hate you people? Because of this blood thing!”

My partner and I looked on, we were used to this, people expressing anger over our beliefs, from the way we pray to our constant knocking on doors. I was sure i was even smiling inside.

I am not sure of the exact words he used, but the gist was this: Someone close to him, a family member had died, because he/she refused to take blood.

Of course, we explained that obeying God’s commands on things was far more important than staying alive, because God is the one who gives life. And also, a blood transfusion is no guarantee of life, what if you gave blood and then died a week later of a motor accident.

I believed that God’s law on blood transfusion was not negotiable, because he is the giver of life itself.

Weeks ago, the question came up, someone very close to me asks: “So you are saying if i am sick and need a blood transfusion, and we are compatible, you won’t give me?”

I hesitated. “Of course, i would i said.” And i think i would.

Recently, it came again during a conversation with friends about religion, finding faith and beliefs and my answer was this.

If someone needed me to give him/her blood, and was willing to take it, i would give. But if i was sick and a blood transfusion was needed, i would refuse to take it.


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