Watch for the bent elbow

We offer love with a hand bent at the elbow,

giving but not giving.

We are young and there are stars in our eyes,

Blood is pumping unhesitatingly through our veins,

We still believe dreams will come true and that love might shackle us to the ground,

Even as our bodies stretch for the skies,

we dream of flying,

So we offer love with a hand bent at the elbow,

giving, but not giving,

We say we love you, the same way we say we love watermelon,

carelessly it slips off our tongue, with a practiced ease that gets under the most wary of hearts,

Because there is something about beautiful boys like us,

Something about a body that was built for for holding,

So you grasp at bent elbows, latch on to lips and cling to shoulders,

You let us love you, the only way we can,

with an inconsistency that will leave you crying on the phone at 2am for a boy you thought you had outgrown,

like the girl you thought you were well past.

– Chika Jones, August 2017


Featured Image source: LinkedIn, Abhishek Kasina’s post on moving forward while looking back.

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