There were no gods in Paris last night

How many more bodies?

How much more blood?

How much more tears, can we drink?

                                                                                     How much more flesh, can we eat?

Before we realize,
It’s okay to disagree.
To not be, on the same page,
To see different colors,
To serve different gods,
To stand, to kneel,
To howl,
at the moon.
How many more times do we have to go back, to our shovels?
To our cemeteries?
To that dark place in our hearts,
Where maggots go to die?
How many more times do children, have to grow up without fathers?
Without mothers?
With nothing, but ashes, dust, memories and hate?
So when they are twenty eight,
They can pick up a gun and perpetuate this circle of hate,
Till, we are back, to this place.

Eyes burning,

lips trembling,

nails bleeding.

They said everyone was on the floor,
But no one was moving,
They said there was blood everywhere,
that the only sounds that cut through the silence,
Were the trickling of blood and the hum of sirens.

Someone said he heard an Allahu Akbar,
Or maybe in Jesus name,
But what the hell does it matter?
Isn’t it all the same?
To pick a gun or to pick a knife,
To strap on a bomb or to lob a grenade,
Against the belief of another?

But, there were no gods at that concert,
And certainly not in those restaurants,
All there was, were flesh and blood,
You and me, died last night in Paris,
We took our last breath,
Because we do not teach our children that it’s ok to disagree,
To not be on the same page,
To kneel, or to bow,
To howl, at the moon,

So how many more bodies?

How many more hands?

                                            How many more legs?

How many more times, do we have to go back to shovels?
And to cemeteries?
To that dark place in our hearts,
Where grief is at home?
Before we realize,
There were no gods in Paris last night,
Just you and me.

Note: I wrote this poem in November 2015 after the terror attacks at the Bataclan concert hall and other places across France. May their souls rest in peace. I decided to publish in memory of the dead, the grieving and the living.

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