If you are walking home

If you are walking home,

And it’s pouring rain,

And it’s all thunder,

And it’s all sleet like glass sheets,

If you get to a wall you must climb,

Because the road is flooded,

And it’s knee-deep water, you cannot wade through,

If it hurts,

Not just because you are all wet hair,

And cold and soaked socks in sodden shoes,

If it hurts,

Because there was an age this wall would have been an easy climb,

But you are past all that now,

You should not be climbing walls in pouring rain,

But something went wrong,


So you are here,

If you scrape your leg, against the wall, as you climb,

But catch the moan, in your throat, and keep it down,

Because the boy with you belongs to the son you no longer see,

And you do not want him worrying,

If you can walk through the rain,

and not think of any of this,

I am happy for you.


If you are walking home,

And it’s night, and it’s pouring rain,

And you are not in a car with a heater on,

And your right sandal buckle is spoilt, so you pick it up and wade through,


But you do not care,

Because there is a warm body waiting at home,

I am happy for you.


Or if there is no home,

If there is no bed at the end of this,

If you are walking on crutches,

With one leg cut off at the knee,

And you are trying to stay upright on muddy ground,

And you remember you used to love walking in the rain,

And you are looking for that feeling again.


If you are walking beneath this rain,

With a pregnant stomach and you are wet,

And you wish you could stand beneath a roof until it is over,

But all the houses were built with roofs so close to the walls,

So there is no shelter,

And you are starting to shiver,

But you do not slip,

You do not fall,

And the rain is coming down like judgement,

But you are not cold,

Then I am happy for you,

I thank God for you.

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