I love well-written stories, poetry that is so undeniably true, you have to close the page and stare at the wall for a few minutes, and sad songs.

I love dodo with anything or just sitting by itself on a plate, in all its glory, when I eat dodo, I believe in God again. I can cook, if the kitchen is well lit, all pots are clean and all the ingredients are an arm’s length away.

What I am not is a poem I wrote and will now share to complete this introduction:

I am not your project,

I am not salve for your guilty heart,

I am not your salvation,

I am not your savior,

I am not responsible for the burden you carry,

I am not your God,

Your God is not mine,

I am not tread softly,

I am not blow gently,

I am not your placebo,

I am not one of you,

I do not increase your numbers,

I am not your nightmare,

I will be fine.

So who are you? (You can comment below).