Project Log A2

Fitting that this second project log is coming on a Sunday. You can check out the previous log here.

On August 13, 2016, Marques Houston became a Jehovah’s Witness. Around that same time i had lost interest in being one.

In February 2017,  i started reading Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, recommended by a friend. I think it was just what i needed, i am careful however to be too optimistic, good writing always makes me feel this way.

However, it moved me so much, that i have decided to return to the church i grew up in. This in no way means that i have no misgivings, yet borrowing from one of Lewis’ analogies, it looks like being a Jehovah’s witness is the only room in the house of Christianity, whose teachings i can abide by.

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Finding Belief/Faith in 2017 – Project A

This is going to be a rambling post. I am looking for something and i’m yet to find it.

Sometime in July 2016, i stopped preaching (knocking on doors to talk to people about God, his purposes for mankind and how best to serve him). Preaching and attending meetings were a key part of my religious life before then.

By the time 2016 ended, i was sure i did not want to do it anymore. I was not sure i believed in God, Christianity and by extension religion.

I was in what many would call my confused christian phase. There was a lot of scolding and encouragement from many who felt i just needed a push, but their prescriptions, feelings and judgement will not be discussed here.

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